The company SUNCAD Ltd. was registered in the Commercial Register by City Court in Prague in April 15 2002 under section C., liner 87514 and is certificated ISO 9001:2001.

The Company arises from workers of conglomerate of projectors. Then new graduates from the Faculty of Civil Engineering came to complete the company with a lot of experience from different companies.

The main activities of the company are project activity in the construction, engineering activity in the construction and mediation of services.

All the project services are provided at graphic stations working with graphic systems CAD.

There are these programs licensed for project and experts report activities in the company:

---- AutoCAD
---- Autodesk Revit 
---- Autodesk Civil 3D 
---- Abcut AutoCAD 
---- pit-CAD 
---- Rapid Design Visualization
---- Rhino 3D
---- Canalis
---- Kros (budget software)